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Raise Funds for our Shelter by Playing FREE Games
Please Help Us Raise Funds for our Shelter by Playing these FREE Games 10 -15 Minutes Each Day and Donating the Points you Earn to Sterling Shelter!

Help Us get as Many People Playing and Donating so we can  Help Our Furry Friends!  Please Share…


Important things to know:

  1. IT’S FREE – Just click and set up your account
  2. Play 10-15 Minutes Each Day
  3. DONATE their Points – we only raise money when they Donate!
  4.  Share.. Share… Share…


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Pet (and People) Photos with Santa – Saturday November 8th! Book Now!

dog-cat-christmas-e1291506867503Santa is coming back to town and wants photos with YOUR PET(S)! Family members are welcome to pose with their pet(s) in the photos, too. Who can believe the holidays are right around the corner? We can! That’s why we’re already planning for Santa Pet Portraits and Holiday Cards; they make great holiday presents and family photos.

Sniffin’ for more information, pricing packages and to book your family photo shoot?
Contact and/or or call us at 978-422-8585.

We are THRILLED to have professional photographers, Patricia and Robert Petit as our OFFICIAL photographers! Patricia and Robert are amazing volunteers who are here each week to photograph our shelter pets for the website and they do amazing work capturing the personalities or our pets waiting for homes. Please check out their website

Package Pricing
There will be something for everyone and packages start at $14 and up. Our photographers are working on a few more photo products to offer and are testing samples with the lab. Examples are a cute but simple photo ornament coming, magnets, and 4×5 size set of four as well as a few more fun options!


2014 santa pet photo pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My pet doesn’t sit still – can you really photograph him/her? Photographing animals is a very difficult art. We pride ourselves on our patience and experience in this specialty. Most pets we photograph are not obedience trained, nor do they just “sit & pose”. It is most important that you remain calm and relaxed throughout the session. Don’t get frustrated! It just takes a little time, your cooperation, and lots of patience for great results!
  • What age should my pet be for a session? Is my pet too young/old? Any age is the right age but please don’t delay! Young pets have adventure, whimsy and wonder, and “senior” pets have loyalty, character and a lifetime of unconditional love worthy of being treasured.
  • How much does it cost? We will have various packages available (see the table above) including prints and holiday cards. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, ATM payment, and cash.
    We do not accept checks or American Express.
  • Should I bring a helper with me? If your session involves more than one pet, we suggest you bring along a helper who is personally familiar with your animals. Make sure that person is patient and will not upset or make your pet (or you) nervous or tense. For the benefit of your pet’s well-being, and the successful outcome of the session, we reserve the right to ask disruptive, impatient, negative, or uncooperative people to wait outside the studio during the session time.
  • Does my pet need to be washed or groomed before the session? If your pet is regularly groomed, you can plan a visit to the groomer at least one or two days before the session. You pet’s well-being is our concern; therefore, we do not photograph a pet that has been to a groomer on the same day as their session. Often, signs of stress may not be obvious to you, but a visit to the groomer can be extremely stressful for most animals. If your pet does not require regular grooming, then a good brushing before the session is sufficient. Please bring your pet’s own brush or comb. You can also bring a bandanna, a different collar, or a favorite toy as nice accessories in some of the poses!
  • How long is the actual session? Very short! We are booking in 10 minutes slots depending on how many pets and/or people you wish to include – we will also need to know that when you book your appointment so we don’t over/under book other families.
  • Can I bring treats for my pet? We do not recommend using food during the session, with very rare exceptions (obedience trained pets). Treats and food usually overexcite most pets, making them far more difficult (or even impossible) to work with. When a pet becomes focused on food, a variety of expressions is nearly impossible to achieve. If your pet is stressed, they will usually reject food. We do suggest bringing your pet’s favorite treat(s) in a sealed bag or plastic container for a reward after the session is completed.
  • Do you photograph animals other than dogs & cats? Yes, we can also accommodate small pets such as rabbits, cats, and ferrets.100% of the proceeds from our Pictures with Santa benefit our pets and programs!


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Join Our New Facebook Page/s – Reconnect with Rescuers and Siblings!

facebook like usUnfortunately Facebook deleted our previous LONG standing shelter FB pages and user groups…After submitting documentation to PROVE that we TRULY OWNED THE PAGES they approved our appeal…however we still can NOT access all of our Facebook pages and fan pages as well as our Sato and Homebound Hounds followers…. so we are sadly starting AGAIN in hopes that you can all follow and LIKE us on Facebook - keep up to date with shelter events and happenings – reconnect with siblings to your pets and rescuers as well as post photos…hopefully we can spread the word to our supporters and fans!!!

If you adopted a dog/puppy from Puerto Rico reconnect with siblings and rescuers in our All Sato Forum by clicking here

If you adopted a dog/puppy from Virginia Homebound Hounds program - reconnect with siblings and rescuers in our VA Homebound Hounds Forum by clicking here


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Our shelter is super excited that July 26th-27th Project Pawsitive will be on-site at our shelter to replace all our indoor kennel gates!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS DREAM COME TRUE…


Project Pawsitive 9d1913cc560c081eb329e84cd1533696_400x400is currently raising $$$ and will be replacing all our indoor kennel gates that are old, rusted and unsafe and in much need of replacement to keep our canines safe!!

We are looking forward to seeing the shelter renovation and will post photos and details on our shelter’s Facebook page so please follow us here! untitled

We encourage you to learn more about Project Pawsitive and all the amazing projects they’ve done to help other well deserving shelters and rescues throughout New England. Check out their Facebook page or their website to learn more!

Stay tuned for more details and how you can help! In the meantime if you’d like to help us, help THEM to raise the remainder of the money to pay for the kennel gates please click here on their site…. no donation is to big or small! You’ll be helping us provide safer care for our canines while in our care waiting to go home….


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