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Check out this little guy…. Brady.
Brady was rescued from Puerto Rico through our All Sato Rescue program….. once he arrived our doctor noticed he wasn’t walking quite right….. off to the Sterling VCA Animal Hospital he went for X-rays…After consult with the x-ray doctors we found out that little Brady has a luxating patella on his right knee  Now Brady needs orthopedic surgery….. All total with x-rays and all medical work pre-post surgery we will be looking at about $2,000 with our discount….So we are hoping our shelters friends, adopters, supporters and donors will consider helping us to start the New Year on a happy, healthy note for little Brady….

Brady’s currently being fostered by a loving family whose taking very good care of him….. the following email is from the foster mom….

I have never had such a delightful companion, Leigh. I say “I” only because I am writing….he is TRULY a FAMILY JOY. He absolutely cannot get enough loving, nor can he give enough. Yet, when something needs to get done and he cannot be involved or be in the area, I/we just gently relocate him and explain that it’s only for a little bit…and he waits patiently. When we return for him, he just goes crazy with the tail, kisses, hugs, rollovers, etc.

Being a rescue dog, we have insured that he has had one of us at home with him 20 out of 24 hrs. He has never been left alone for more than a two-hour span. The focus has been on building trust and bonds.

He was so afraid, then timid during the initial wks we’d been fostering him….everything was baby steps. But he is blossoming into a pup who wants to go outside for walks…hops when his knee “sticks”, wants to play hide the reindeer, will eat absolutely wherever we are (on a trail, at relatives, out running errands), and loves to sniff out and chase down chipmunks/bunnies/etc…(the hound in him). He sleeps with one of us every night and I think loves it more than we do….if that’s possible.

We love him….can you tell! We hope the shelters supporters will help you raise the money needed so that Brady can get his much needed surgery and he will then fully be able to run around and play like any puppy wants and deserves to do….

We will be dedicated to fostering Brady throughout his care and recovery.

Thank you. Lori – aka Brady’s foster mom

If you’d like to help US help Brady start his new life and new year off with a healthy body so he can run and play like all puppies deserve to please consider donating

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Donations made online will automatically generate a receipt for your taxes and any donations mailed in we’ll mail out receipts for you. Additionally, any donations of $100+ can select a STERLING SHELTER SUPPORTER SWAG ITEM….Just a small token of our appreciation and way to thank you for helping Brady…..

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