10th MA ANIMAL FUND VOUCHER DAY – FREE Spay/Neuter – April 15th!

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UPDATE 3/3/20 – our free spay/neuter voucher day is scheduled for Wednesday April 15th. Our DOG slots have been filled but we still have 20 slots open for cats to be spayed or neutered 🙂 If you have any questions pls contact our clinic or if you have a voucher and would like to schedule your pet sterlingshelterclinic@gmail.com – pls share and spread the word for others who might benefit from this program 🙂

Tax Season
Line 33f tax donation The more donations made to this important program, the more animals we can help. Please consider during tax season (or any time of year)! For more info and to apply for a voucher please contact Sheri Gustafson – Program Coordinator for the MA Animal Fund at sheri.gustafson@state.ma.usass.gov or 617-626-1740.

Our shelter’s vet clinic accepts vouchers from the Mass Animal Fund  The volume of voucher requests continues to grow while our revenue has remained constant. Financial Donations always welcome! Supplies are also always needed – check our Amazon Wish List and consider donating an item or two!

From the MA Animal Fund – Currently, we have around 800 animals on the waitlist with new requests coming in daily. Voucher distribution for owned animals on the waitlist has been slow due to the high volume of emergency and priority requests we are receiving.  Priority vouchers are being issued the week they arrive for animals in ACO care and daily for emergency cases. Right now, for most areas, we are issuing owned animal requests placed in May/June.  Due to the large number of requests that are coming in, and the decrease in donations this time of year, we estimate a 6-7 month wait for new voucher requests for nonpriority animals. (That being said, the more donations we get at tax time the quicker we can get to everyone on the waitlist!) Priority animal vouchers are issued the week the request is received and we try to issue an emergency voucher for an animal that needs immediate surgery within an hour. Since 2014, the Fund has spent over 1.5 million dollars helping over 12,000 cats and dogs in Massachusetts. The Fund receives over 100 requests for help each week. The MAF distributes vouchers weekly, based on revenue and surgery capacity. The current wait time to receive a voucher is approximately 1 week for dogs and cats held in municipal shelters; and over 24 weeks for owned dogs and cats. If you have an emergency situation, please contact Sheri at 617-626-1740.

To find out if an animal qualifies for a voucher, please see the Animal Eligibility Chart below.

For Massachusetts Residents (apply through your local Animal Control Officer)

Do you own a cat or dog that is not spayed or neutered? Is the cost of surgery a financial hardship for you or your family? The Mass Animal Fund can provide free spay/neuter vouchers to low-income residents for their cats and dogs. If you are eligible to receive government help such as: (TAFDC, SSI, VS, SNAP, WIC, etc.) you can qualify.

Massachusetts residents who qualify can apply by contacting their local animal control officer. Contact information for municipal animal control officers is available here: ACO ListPLEASE NOTE: Currently the wait time for new voucher requests is over 6 months. If you need assistance sooner, please visit www.spaymass.org for a list of low cost options accross the state. VOUCHER REQUESTS ARE MADE THROUGH YOUR LOCAL ACO, WE CAN NOT ACCEPT APPLICATIONS DIRECTLY FROM RESIDENTS. To save time you can prefill in our voucher application to give to your local ACO.  

 Already have a voucher and need to schedule surgery? Contact our onsite vet clinic at sterlingshelterclinic@gmail.com or call us at 978-422-8449. You can also see more information, pricing, consent forms to print out to bring with you the day of your pet/s surgery www.sterlingshelterclinic.org

For Feral Cat Caregivers (apply through your local Animal Control Officer)

Do you manage a feral colony? The Mass Animal Fund may have funds to help with the spaying/neutering feral cats. Eligible cats are those that are homeless, un-owned, free-roaming, unsocialized, and appear healthy. To be eligible these cats must be released back into their home colony, and receive a 3/8″ ear tip at the time of surgery.

Caregivers seeking help should contact their local animal control officer. NO REQUESTS MADE DIRECTLY FROM CAREGIVERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Vouchers must be in-hand before trapping and transporting the cat(s) to surgery.

Already have a voucher and need to schedule surgery? Visit our Find a Provider page to find a participating veterinarian.

For Animal Control Officers

Animal control officers can request vouchers for animals in their community. Homeless cats and dogs in municipal shelters, cats and dogs owned by low income residents, and feral cats may qualify for help.

To request a voucher send an email to Cary.Payton@mass.gov or by fax to 617-626-1850. Requests need to be for specific animals; no general requests are accepted.

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