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Don’t Judge a Dog (or cat) by its Breed: Why Personality Matters More than Looks

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For those of us lucky enough to have a dog close by for most of our lives, the idea that you can?t judge a dog by its breed probably goes without saying. For people new to the dog world though, there is a huge misconception that certain breeds of dogs are bound to behave in a specific, pre-determined way. Placing a stereotype on something we don?t fully understand seems to be a part of human nature that we cannot get rid of. The ease of placing a generalization on a subset, dog breeds in this instance, seems too hard to…

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The Pond is Complete – We Just Need to Fill in Our Path for Paws – Still Taking Brick Orders!

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It’s NOT TO LATE – get your custom engraved Legacy Brick for the New Year! 2019 PATH FOR PAWS INFO to be added to the The initial set of custom engraved bricks have been placed during the Summer and Fall of 2017 – and they look amazing… ORDER YOUR CUSTOM ENGRAVED BRICK TODAY A perfect way to show your loved one (with 2 legs or 4) just how much you love them! A permanent engraved legacy brick…. how romantic…..

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PLEASE NOTE: The shelter technically opens at 11 a.m. Tuesday – Friday and 10 a.m. Saturday/Sunday However, if we have pets going up for adoption and expect to be busy which is the case most weeks we try to open a bit earlier as the line can be quite long and as a safety and courtesy to the neighborhood- school buses and people going to work we do try to open as early as possible (normally between 9:30-10:30 depending on the day and number of animals – but it completely depends on how long it takes our team to feed…

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Recognize Us?

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If you haven’t been to the shelter in awhile you might not even recognize us these days! What was once an eye sore of a “pond” in front of the shelter…is now becoming a beautiful, tranquil area that will now become part of our PATH FOR PAWS! A beautiful and deeply sentimental area of the shelter property will soon become a new living memorial which will be dedicated to “ALL THE NOSES THAT NEED HOMES…” . LAST SUMMER OUR SWAMPY POND WAS AN EYESORE THIS SUMMER OUR POND IS BEAUTIFULLY RENOVATED WITH BRIDGES/LIGHTS AND FOUNTAINS An amazing location to place…

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