Check Out Our New Supporter Store!

By December 18, 2019 News, top story No Comments

Hello friends-of-our-furry-ones! If you’ve found nearly all of your holiday gifts (or maybe you haven’t even started shopping yet)…. but you’re still searching for something special and unique, head on over to our brand new online store!

We have so many options and new items to offer our supporters and adopters, and we’re sure there is something for everyone!

All sales benefit your favorite little shelter, so if you love what we do and want to help us save more animals here at the Sterling Shelter, this is a great option for showing your support!

Make sure you check it out and order a gift for the animal lover in your life today!

We have everything from gifts for your pet/s and people both. Whether you wear it, drink out of it, or display your items, we’ve got something for everyone with new items being added daily!

So please check out our shop at and consider supporting our furry friends all year long.

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