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May 22nd, 2017

Our beautiful pond is ALMOST finished... only a few more boards on the main bridge!!!

Once that’s finished – It’ll be ready to fill up which only takes about a day or two… and then it’s ready to add all the fun decorations, ornaments, LEGACY BRICKS, bird baths, seating and some sort of gazebo or pergola! We still haven’t decided…. hopefully we’ll be adding some fish to our pond and who knows… maybe our next mission will be to do KOI FISH RESCUE!

NOW is the time to order your LEGACY BRICKS and have your brick placed around our beautiful new pond!

Below are samples of the 2 options – either a 4×8 or an 8×8 – each brick has different options for the amount of text and location of clip art (free to add) on each brick! Click here for complete details. We ONLY need page 3 and 4 returned to process and order your brick.

These bricks make an amazing long living memorial to someone or something you love or loved. A birthday, memorial, any way you could want to honor someone you care about could easily be done with these bricks and the thought behind the text engraved on each one.  So order YOUR brick/s today and be sure to have your brick/s placed THIS SUMMER!

memorial bricks


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