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TITO NEEDS YOUR HELP – New Knees are Much Needed for this Little Pup….

Roses are REDViolets are BLUE – and Tito Really needs YOU


Meet Tito…. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASadly, despite surviving the tough streets in Puerto Rico and being rescued by All Sato Rescue Tito a little 5 month old spaniel mix came to us where a few days later our staff noticed him limping….

Not UNCOMMON we thought…. often the pups will rough house and play hard running around in their kennels and sometimes have minor injuries or a limp or skip or scratch which quickly resolves – they are just being fresh rough housing…. but we decided Tito should probably have some x-rays just to make sure there wasn’t something more serious going on….

WELL – BAD NEWS for poor Tito and WORSE NEWS for US…. Tito’s x-rays came back and he was found to have Bilateral (meaning both knees) Grade 3 (on one knee) and Grade 4 ( on the other knee) Medial Luxating Patellas.

Medial Luxating Patella to learn more about Tito’s condition click here - Luxating patellas are graded from 1 (the lowest) and 4 (the highest/worst case) and grading is a method of classifying the degree of luxation and bony deformity is useful for diagnosis. The medial luxating patella, commonly called  a trick knee, is an extremely common problem in toy/small breed dogs. An owner typically notices a little skip in the dog’s step. The dog may even run on three legs, holding one hind leg up, and then miraculously be back on four legs as if nothing has happened. In fact, something has happened: the kneecap (patella) has slipped out of the smooth groove in which it normally rides up and down. It has slipped medially, which is to say towards the opposite leg, as opposed to laterally, which would be away from the dog entirely. With the patella dislocated (or luxated) medially, the knee cannot extend properly and stays bent. Hopefully, the patient will be able to slip the kneecap back where it belongs and be back to normal in only a few steps. For some dogs, getting a kneecap back where it belongs and normal extension of the rear leg is a mere dream only attainable with surgical correction. This is where we need YOU to help US help Tito

  • Grade 3: The patella is out of place all the time but can be manipulated back into its normal position manually (though it will not stay there).
  • Grade 4: The patella is not only out of place all the time but cannot even be manipulated back into place by hand. Such a dog has extreme difficulty extending his knees and walks with his knees bent virtually all the time.

It is not a good thing to have one’s knee cap out of place; the entire weight-bearing stress of the rear leg is altered which, in time, leads to changes in the hips, long bones, and ultimately arthritis. How severe the changes are depends on how severe the luxation is (i.e., the grade as described above) and how long that degree of luxation has been going on. In time, the legs will actually turn outward with its muscles turning inward, making the dog bow-legged. The luxation is not considered a painful condition but after enough time and conformational change, arthritis sets in, which is indeed painful.

Poor Tito….has the bad luck of a congenital set of bad knees and will now need MAJOR orthopedic surgery in order to give him any hope at a pain free life – where he can walk and act like the puppy he is….Estimates for his surgery is about $3,000 PER KNEE….Sadly our shelter doesn’t have $6,000+ to pay for his surgery…so we are starting a fundraiser for little Tito in hopes we can get his knees fixed and he can be pain free.

In general, the prognosis for a successful outcome decreases as the grade and physical signs of disability increase and is inversely related to the age of the patient at the time of onset. Therefore, the younger the patient, the more guarded the prognosis. Since the problem is a developmental one, it is difficult to predict the severity of the end result. At the same time, the best results will occur the sooner the surgical procedure is carried out. So it is our hope that since Tito is just a puppy he will have an amazing chance at recovering….since he is still young – the surgeons recommendation would be to wait a few more weeks until he gets through his initial growth spurt (hopefully this will give us enough time to raise the much needed funds for his surgery!) and they would do the worst knee first…. and about 6-8 weeks later his 2nd knee.

Little Tito has a long road ahead for recovery and we definitely can’t afford to help Tito without YOUR help….every penny counts and when we have a special animal that needs a little extra help like Tito – well we just have to try to help him, too. Sadly in most other shelters Tito would be considered un-adoptable due to the cost of his surgery and required care and he’d most likely be euthanized. But we are hopefully that our supporters and adopters will help us help Tito….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATito is currently being lovingly fostered and cared for where they are limiting his exercise and giving him the TLC he needs and sooooo deserves….and is also on anti-inflammatory pain meds to manage his pain.

So from our shelter to you…. will YOU help us give this little Valentine a late gift and donate towards getting Tito’s knees fixed? No donation is to small….and we can ALL help him walk tall!


You can donate in different ways:

  1. Through our secure online donation page  OR
  2. SNAIL MAILAnimal Shelter Inc c/o TITO’s KNEES17 Laurelwood Road Sterling MA 01564When donating either online or via snail mail please make sure to indicate the donation is being made on behalf of TITO’S KNEES – 100% of the $ raised will go towards Tito’s surgeries and care.All donations are tax deductible…. and for donations of $100 or more – you can choose your favorite Sterling Shelter Supporter Swag – either a t-shirt – keychain – travel mug or window decal! Check them out on our donation page From all your friends at the shelter with two legs and four (even if they aren’t the best)…. we thank you for your support…. and Tito says WOOF…..oxox
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