OWNING A PITBULLThis webpage is meant for those seeking resources for Pit Bulls in Massachusetts.? Pit Bulls are the most common type of dog surrendered to adoption centers and found as strays. They also represent a majority of the dogs euthanized each year at shelters and animal control facilities. MAC hopes this webpage will help pit bull owners, rescue groups, animal control agencies, politicians, journalists and interested citizens learn more about Pit Bulls and how we can work together to help dogs in our state.pit


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pitbull did you knowWhat Do You Really Know About “Pitbulls”?

Pitbulls make extraordinary companions! The term “Pitbull” is NOT a breed; it is a catch all phrase to describe 3 distinct breeds of dogs: the American Pitbull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Any way you slice it, Pitbulls are some of the most affectionate, loyal, and people loving pups on the block. With consistency, clarity, training, and leadership, you will never find a more constant companion than a Pitbull. Contrary to what the media would like you to believe, these dogs are far from “vicious” and they do not have specialized “locking jaws”- they are NOT alligators! Pitbulls are generally goofy dogs who are full of spunk, energy, and fun, fun, FUN!

In fact, in a recent study by the American Temperament Test Society of 122 different breeds of dogs, Pitbulls achieved an average passing rate of 83.9%. That’s better than Beagles (78.2%) and Golden Retrievers (83.2%).

There are so many myths out there about Pitbulls that simply just aren’t true. They are loving, loyal, and cuddly as teddy bears?come fall in love with a “bully” today!puppies and difference of pitbull