Effective October 18, 2000 Our staff realizes that companion animals are essential to keeping people healthy, vibrant and to reducing blood pressure and stress. Often times older people need and want animals to give them love and companionship throughout their golden years. Because the staff recognize that pets can be expensive if one is on disability, Social Security or limited income, we have come up with the Seniors for Seniors program.

The shelter will waive the adoption fee of a QUALIFYING dog or cat that is 5+ years to a qualifying adopter 55 years+. (NOTE: This program does not include dogs coming to our shelter on any of our transport programs -due to the high expenses of transporting, health certificates, medical costs, etc… if you should have a question relating to which pet/s may qualify please call or email our shelter for details.) The pet will also receive any necessary medical care PRIOR to going home including spay/neuter, appropriate vaccinations, vet check, and any other necessary medical care deemed necessary by our staff veterinarian (some examples would be dentals or bloodwork).

The average cost of medical care / services provided for these pets prior to adoption is worth several hundred dollars! The adopting family is adopting a healthy, friendly companion and saving the initial cost of any medical care AND adoption fees. This program is a win/win situation for both the adopter and the pet.

Often times older animals are overlooked when potential adopters aren’t realizing the average lifespan of a dog or cat can be 15+ years. YOUNGER animals, especially puppies/kittens require multiple vaccinations and vet visits to have various vaccination boosters that can average $1,000 for the first year!

By adopting one of our mature animals, the family takes home a great pet and is all ready to go!

Please consider our Seniors for Seniors program for yourself OR someone in your family that might be looking for a new friend!

Please note: All adopters must have proof of age and qualify to adopt from our shelter.