With all the attention on Dogs and Cats, it is a little know fact that we have been rescuing smaller animals (pocket pets) for over 20 years.?

If you ended up on this page and are looking to adopt a small animal please visit our Adoption Page.

Our animal shelter helps with rescuing and relocating Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Chinchillas, Ferrets?and other small pets.? We do have some special requirements for this service, as we do not have a facility specifically designed for our smaller furry friends.? We do ask that all small pets are surrendered with a cage and or suitable housing that they can live in until we can find a suitable home.? In addition we require a weeks worth of food and bedding.

We maintain our no-kill policy on all animals that we take into the shelter.? We have a constant stream of visitors that are looking to adopt these smaller animals, so their typical stay is a week or less.

The reasons that these animals are surrendered are fairly common and there is no harsh judgement passed by our shelter staff if you make a decision to surrender to our shelter.? We would rather provide this service than have these animals neglected or let go in the wild.? We understand that people develop allergies, children go to college, people relocate and move.

So for these reasons, if you are looking for a safe and humane way to find your small pet a new loving home, please call us to make arrangements to surrender the animal.? Please note that we do charge a small fee to help support our shelter and this varies depending on the type of animal.