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Please note:

  • For clinic questions/appointments the best way to reach them is via email or by phone 978-422-8449. Phones are generally NOT answered during the day as they are in surgery (which is why email is best) however you can still leave a voicemail. Please allow up to 48-72 hours for response, our clinic is extremely busy.

  • For shelter related questions (adoptions/surrenders/general questions) contact 978-422-8585 or


In an effort to help our communities animals and due to a lack of low cost affordable spay neuter resources, we are now very proud to offer LOW cost spay/neuter services to the public.
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On a space available basis – and generally within 1-2 weeks we can provide your healthy, friendly 8+ week old, dog or cat affordable spay/neuter. We HIGHLY PROMOTE early age spay/neuter.Michael Moyer, DVM

IMPORTANT: this program is NOT to replace your annual/general/wellness/sick veterinary care. You should ALWAYS have a veterinarian for your pet/s and see them annually (or as needed/recommended). Our shelter uses AND recommends you choose one of the VCA Animal Hospitals with 50+ locations throughout New England.

Spay AND Neuter – 4 – M.A
.. – our on-site veterinary clinic is now offering low cost spay/neuter for healthy/friendly dogs and cats that are 8+ weeks and 2 pounds. Vaccination and micro-chipping are optional, but to participate in the program, dogs must receive spay or neuter services. i.e. we do NOT offer vaccination clinics but will offer your pet vaccinations if they are coming to be spayed or neutered.  

Things you should know: this is a NEW program to our busy clinic so please bear with us on scheduling and logistics as we expect this program to be in high demand since there is very limited resources for low cost spay/neuter in our community.

1000512_10151758500583928_2021144315_nThings you’ll need to bring:

  • Proof of a VALID rabies vaccine must be presented in the form of a certificate at the time you bring your pet in for surgery. NOTE: a rabies tag is NOT considered proof…it must be the actual rabies certificate issued by your veterinarian) otherwise state law requires vaccination prior to surgery. If your pet/s rabies vaccine is expired or he/she has not been vaccinated, we can vaccinate your pet while here at our clinic prior to surgery. Per state law, all animals over 12 weeks of age must be up to date on rabies vaccine.  We can vaccinate your pet on the day of surgery if needed.  Or, if your pet has already had its rabies vaccination, you MUST provide the paper rabies certificate (not just the tag) at the time of drop off.  We will not be able to contact your animal hospital to track down your rabies certificate for you.
  • Our staff veterinarian has the right to refuse surgery if the pet is aggressive/sick. Because we have many animals in and out of our clinic daily please do not bring any sick/injured or aggressive animals to our clinic. This is a strictly spay/neuter clinic and is NOT a wellness hospital… please contact your veterinarian if you need wellness services/emergency care.
  • For more information/questions or to schedule an appointment please email  – please allow our busy clinic 48-72 hours to respond and note that email is only checked periodically Monday – Thursday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. when the clinic is staffed.
  • Because our clinic is always busy caring for our shelter pets and assisting dozens of other rescues/shelters/animal control officers with their veterinary care we will maintain a wait list for this program and will schedule surgeries according to staff/hours available.
  • Pricing is listed below but could be subject to change… when scheduling surgery please confirm pricing in case prices change due to increased pricing from our distributors/suppliers. Occasionally our manufacturers pricing increases or items are back-ordered.

You can also  DOWNLOAD – lowcostspayneuter poster print, copy and distribute our clinic poster below and share with others! Help us spread the spay/neuter message
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One of the most important health decisions you’ll make when adding a pet to your family is to spay or neuter. Spaying—removing the ovaries and uterus of a female pet—is a veterinary procedure that requires minimal hospitalization and offers lifelong health benefits. Neutering—removing the testicles of your male dog or cat—will vastly improve your pet’s behavior, health and keep him close to home.

Benefits of spay/neuter Overcrowded_Shelters-25-600-450-80

Get the Facts to understand the situation.

  • Surprise! Cats and dogs can get pregnant earlier than most people think. Learn More
  • Oops! 50% of litters are not planned. Learn More
  • Yikes! 10 million homeless animals enter overcrowded shelters every year. Learn More Watch Video
  • Yuck! Spaying/neutering early helps eliminate annoying behaviors like spraying, roaming, yowling, and fighting. Not to mention stopping heat cycles. Learn More
  • Yes! Spaying/neutering early is safe and easy. Learn More Watch Video
  • Current research supports early spay/neuter.Learn More

– See more at:

Without financial support from our city/state/government, each year…Our on-site spay/neuter clinic cares for almost 2,000 dogs and cats that come through our shelter looking for new homes, assists several dozen breed rescue organizations and Animal Control Officers throughout New England AND provides hundreds of low cost dog/cat spay/neuters. We are very proud of our accomplishments!