Adoption Fees

Standard Adoption Fees – please click on each pets profile to check if there is any special pricing and dates they will be available for adoption.09f7e424fc46e4b118ea570969bb5b62

Puppies and dogs coming to us through our transport programs $425 if paid by cash or $437.25 if paid credit/debit card Adult Dogs 1+ years of age adoption fees range from
$100-$425 (click on individual pictures for adoption fees).
Feline Adoption Fees

Kittens (8 weeks-6 months)
Adoption Fee $225 cash or $231.75 credit/debit

Cats (6 months-12 months)
Adoption Fee $175 cash or $180.25 credit/debit

Cats (12+ months-5 years)
Adoption Fee $100 cash or $103.00 credit/debit

Cats (5+ years)
Adoption Fee $75 cash or $77.25 credit/debit

Seniors for Seniors – no adoption fee for qualifying pets if pet is 5+ years and adopter is 55+ years (does NOT apply to dogs rescued on transport programs)

The shelter accepts VISA, Mastercard, Discover, ATM cards or cash.
We DO NOT accept Checks

Your Adoption Fee Includes:

  • All animals are spayed or neutered 8 WEEKS of age before leaving the shelter (average cost: $200-$500)
  • All pets receive 30 days of FREE pet health insurance – you must provide a VALID email address to be eligible and click on the email to activate the insurance within 3 days!
  • Any animals (dog/cat) that are spayed/neutered at our shelter are microchipped (average cost $50)
  • All pets are given a physical exam by our staff veterinarian (average $50)
  • All cats leaving the shelter are Feline Leukemia/FIV tested (average cost: $50)
  • All dogs 6+ months or older are Heartworm/Lyme/Erlichia tested (average cost $50-$60)
  • All animals will have shots up-to-date according to their age including:
    Rabies 13+ weeks of age OR as determined by our vet (average cost: $25)
    Distemper (average cost: $25 per vaccination)
    Fecal tested & De-wormed (average cost: $50)
    Monthly flea/tick preventative applied (average cost $10-15)
    Dogs/puppies monthly heartworm preventative given (average cost  $15)
    Cats flea and/or tick monthly preventative applied (average cost $10-15)
    Any other necessary medical care provided.
  • Dogs will be provided with a leash and collar (average cost: $20) AND personalized engraved ID TAG (average cost: $10)
  • Cats will be provided with a cardboard cat carrier (average cost: $10)
  • All pets will receive a free bag of Hill’s Science Diet food ($12 – $15 value)
  • All animals will receive one free post adoption PHYSICAL EXAM with a VCA Animal Hospital (average cost: $50-$75)

All adoption fees are subject to change without notice. The shelter reserves the right to charge more or less for purebreds, puppies, special medical conditions, etc. The shelter reserves the right to deny an adoption to anyone for any reason at any time.

You can be a Responsible Caregiver…

  • License your pet according to your local laws and have him/her wear an ID tag at all times, showing your name, address and phone number.
  • Make your sure pet is an indoor pet only! Your cat or dog should live inside where its safe.
  • Keep your dog or cat on a leash or under your control whenever you take him/her outside for exercise. This will protect your pet from injuries caused by cars, other animals or theft.
  • Spay or neuter your pet. This will help him/her healthier and will reduce the problem of dog/cat overpopulation.
  • Give your pet a nutritious diet, including constant access to clean water.
  • Provide your pet with plenty of exercise.
  • Be sure your pet receives proper vet care and keep up with the necessary vaccination.
  • Train your pet patiently and give him or her lots of praise and attention.
  • Groom your pet often to keep their coat and skin soft and shiny.
  • Have realistic expectations about your pet. Nobody is perfect. Make a commitment to work through behavior and health problems that arise. Don’t just get rid of your pet!
  • Visit your local animal shelter when its time to bring a new pet into your family.

The Cost of Pet Ownership

Have you really considered the cost of pet ownership? Listed below are things you should consider before adopting a pet. Please read carefully and decide if you are ready for the commitment and responsibility of owning and properly caring for a pet! Having and loving a pet is not a right, but a privilege! The following items reflect the average costs of properly caring for a 40-50 lb. dog. Larger dogs cost a bit more, small dogs cost a bit less. This list is for information purposes only.

  • $20 per month ($240 per year) for a premium food such as Science Diet, Iams, or Pro Plan (costs based on 40 lb. bags of food, 20 lbs. consumed per month)
  • $10 per month ($120 per year) for various dog treats
  • $100 – $300 for annual vaccinations and heartworm checks and medications as preventative
  • $40 – $65 for a year’s supply of heartworm prevention
  • $70+ for flea/tick prevention
  • $20+ for each grooming session
  • $14 – $50 per night for boarding the pet, or having a pet sitter come in during your vacations
  • $50 – $150 for toys and miscellaneous items (this can go much higher!)
  • $50 – $150 for a crate
  • Obedience training (highly recommended!) – $120 for an 8 week program. Some programs offer discounts for rescued pets.
  • Fencing – Actual or Electronic can cost hundreds or thousands.
  • Older dogs often have more medical expenses (just like people!)