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Our Shelter Staff is Heading for NY to Assist – NEED YOUR HELP

Our Sterling Shelter Staff are Heading for Staten Island early morning Friday 11/9 to assist with pets affected by Hurricane Sandy. DONATIONS NEEDED: We are actively collecting donations of the most needed supplies and items to transport to various rescue organizations this weekend. The top things needed are: dry/wet dog and cat food, treats, cat litter, toys, blankets, towels, poop bags, and cleaning supplies such as paper towels, hand sanitizers and medical gloves. Leashes/collars/bowls and crates/carriers...that are broken down for easy transport. WE DESPERATELY NEED TO HAVE ALL SUPPLIES DONATED AT OUR SHELTER BY THURSDAY NIGHT AT 6 P.M. SO…
November 6, 2012

ALERT!!! Don?t be Fooled and Buy Puppies on ANY Websites

In addition to the PET STORE PUPPIES - Most all puppies purchased online come from puppy mills. Don?t be fooled by websites! If you can?t visit the puppy first, you may very well be getting one from a puppy mill. There are lots of great dogs out there. Know where yours is coming from. Don't Shop - Adopt locally! For every puppy that is will die in a shelter... What is a Puppy Mill? Puppy mills are dog breeding facilities that put profits ahead of the welfare of dogs. They don?t care about filth, disease, socialization, overcrowding. They don?t…
September 10, 2012

Providing for Your Pet’s Future Without You – Estate Plans for Fluffy and Fido

Providing for Fluffy and Fido in Your Estate Plans - The Massachusetts Pet Trust Law " An Act Relative to Trusts for the Care of Animals? Mass. Laws ch. 203, ? 3C Have?you ever asked yourself ?Who will care for my pet/s when I?m gone or if I can?no longer care for them?? Thanks to the Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling?s ?Safe?Shelter Surviving Pet Care Plan? you no longer have to worry about what happens to your pet/s should you no ? longer be able to care for them AND there won?t be a burden to find family or?friends to…
January 8, 2012

Pets May Protect Children From Allergies

WebMD Health NewsFluffy and Fido may look innocent, but they are at the heart of a controversy among allergy specialists on the influence pets have on a child's risk of developing allergies. A growing body of evidence suggests that pets in the home may actually have a protective effect against developing pet allergies, at least for the first seven years of life, researchers at the recent annual conference of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology say. Vital Information: There has been a controversy among allergy specialists as to how pets influence childhood allergies, but new evidence shows that…
September 29, 2011