Koi Fish Rescue & Adoption Services – Established May 2019 – With the completion of our BEAUTIFUL NEW pond we are now offering a new rescue and adoption program and this one ISN’T for the furry family members! – This program is for our finned friendsKoi Rescue & Adoption Services“. We understand that there are many reasons someone might not be able to care for their Koi fish. As with many animals we rescue and adopt out, there comes a time when the most humane thing to do is let them find a better home, a home that can better care for them, and a place of safety and health. Your finned friends will enjoy time in our 80×50 foot pond. Over 50,000 gallons with multiple hiding areas, different depths, various water features with lights, fountains and bubblers.

Koi are beautiful and all different colors, sizes and markings

MOST IMPORTANT – Please DO NOT let your Koi fish die and above all do not turn them loose in the wildthey will NOT survive. If you can no longer take care of your pond, are moving, or just over-stocked contact us to rescue them.

Before you call us to help your Koi

  • Do not under any circumstances take the fish out of the pond, and store in tubs or small containers then call us. Each rescue needs to be properly planned to keep them healthy. 
  • If the pump has stopped working ..run the hose to give them fresh water.
  • Do not throw loads of food into an unfiltered pond.
  • Do not turn of pumps and filters (if they are working)
  • Please understand, we are very busy and sometimes booked weeks in advance and though we have ..so please don’t wait until the last day/s to contact us.   

If you have Koi fish that are in need of a new home please contact us with the following information and with as much lead time as possible and we’ll do our best to help you make arrangements to re-home your Koi fish.

When you contact us we’ll need to know

  • HOW MANY FISH you are in need of placing.
  • If you know their specific breed/s
  • Their age and if they are male or female
  • If possible PLEASE take a photo of each fish and provide a little bio (to help us find the appropriate home for each fish. We will use these for our website as well).

Koi are very social and each have their own unique personality, traits, and appearance, so the more information we have the better chance we have to re-home them).

Though our shelter accepts Koi free of charge donations are always welcomed and much appreciated (our shelter runs 100% on surrender and adoption fees and we are NOT funded by the city/state/government). We DO request you provide any supplies you use/have for your Koi such as

  • Fish Food
  • Treatments and/or supplements
  • Pond equipment such as: Nets,Pumps,Filters,U.V lights.
  • Large Tubs 50 gallon/s or larger
  • Anything really pond related or that could be utilized for a pond.

In SOME situations and depending on the ponds location, our volunteers MAY be able to come to your pond with necessary equipment to safely catch and transport your fish so you don’t have to go swimming after them. The fish are then taken to one of our quarantine tanks to be fed and cared for until they are found a good homes.

IF our volunteers were to come to your pond, in order to help US catch your fish we require that:

  • you drain your pond to 6 inches of water just before we arrive, this will allow us to better reach the fish.
  • advise us of the size of your pond, including length, width and depth.
  • the number and approximate size of your fish (which will help us know what equipment to bring).

Please understand – Our volunteers work, have obligations and families, so please allow us PLENTY of time, if possible, to schedule rescue of your beautiful fish.  

Once the fish arrive they’ll enjoy our enormous well cared for pond until a new suitable home or location can be found. Please contact us for more information. Please email us at this email ONLY for Koi fish. Any other pet related questions contact the shelter directly at 978-422-8585 or staff@sterlingshelter.org