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“The New Normal Update” 

We successfully completed our first adoption day as of 06/02/2020. We posted 6 dogs for adoption on 06/01/2020 and had over 200 people fill out our online adoption application.  Obviously 6 dogs with 200 applications left a lot of people disappointed.  We apologize to all the people that applied and were not contacted.  We are slowly trying to work through this process.  We currently only have 3 staff members on board, so it is impossible for us to respond to all the people that applied.  It is also impossible for us to try and retain all these applications and coordinate who is still looking to adopt, so please bear will us as we try and streamline this process. We have currently taken down the application form, and will put it back up when the next group of animals that we have are ready for adoption.  If you are interested in the next group of animals that are posted, you will need to fill out the application again.  We understand that this may not be convenient, but it is the only way we can handle the overwhelming response right now.  Please view the content at the bottom of this page as it has additional important information about our new adoption policies.

Please consider Donating, Volunteering and Helping Out, your time and money is much better utilized LOCALLY, than donating to larger National Charities. Our shelter is NOT affiliated with any national organizations.


  1. First and foremost, please understand this is a new process, and we are trying to handle this the best we can.  We are reserving the right to change any of these policies at any time to insure the safety of our clients, staff, and animals. This is a new process for us, and it’s going to take some time for us to get it streamlined.
  2. All adoption/surrenders will be strictly by appointment only.  Anyone that shows up at the shelter without a prior appointment will be turned away. 
  3. When we have a new group of animals available for adoption, we will post pictures and put up our adoption application form.  All applications submitted will only be considered for this specific group of animals.  If you are not contacted, unfortunately that means that you were not selected to view/adopt this group of animals, and if you are interested in a new group of animals posted, you will have to submit that adoption application again.  We wish we had an animal for everyone, and enough staff to respond to all applicant’s, but unfortunately we don’t.  We just physically don’t have the staff to handle the demand right now.  We also don’t have the staff to handle the phone systems either, so unfortunately we will not be answering phones until we get things back under control.
  4. All people that are contacted and scheduled for an appointment will be required to wear a face mask, and all staff members will be required to wear masks.
  5. We are currently scheduling appointments so that only one or two families at a time will be on the premises.  And we are planning for each family to have a separate area to view and interact with the animal that they are potentially going to adopt.  If appointments run longer than expected, then we may have to ask you to wait in your car until we can properly social distance everyone.
  6. Due to social distance requirements, you must arrive on time.  This process will not work if people decide that being 10 or 15 minutes late is OK.  You may lose your appointment if you are late.
  7. Please make sure you have everything you need before coming to the shelter.
  8. Please understand that we don’t like these rules anymore than you do, and hopefully as we continue to move through this process we will be able to make changes to continuously improve the process.
  9. Please make sure you have everything you need before coming to the shelter.

Lastly, this was how it use to be, and we decided the leave the information below to remember “The Old Normal”

When we say adoption days can be extremely busy you can see for yourself. We posted this great video (SEE BELOW) which was actually filmed by a wonderful family who was in line for several hours waiting to adopt – they were the 28th car in line (out of over 90 cars)….we thank them for taking time to take this video, and are happy they DID get to adopt the same day!
 Click here for complete info on adoption days and important info you should know!