Welcome to our Pets for Adoption Page!

PLEASE SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE – it contains extremely important information about our adoption days and the process.

  • You can click on any of the images below for more information on the animal posted.
  • This page is updated hourly. If you see a pet that is NO LONGER POSTED -s/he has been adopted.
  • We generally have weekly rescue transports, and daily local surrenders, so we are listing new animals all the time.
  • Please consider Donating, Volunteering and Helping Out, your time and money is much better utilized LOCALLY, than donating to larger National Charities. Our shelter is NOT affiliated with any local/national organizations such as the HSUS.
  • Go to WoofTrax.com, download the app, and support our animal shelter (PLS NOTE WE ARE LISTED AS STERLING ANIMAL SHELTER INC) every time you walk your dog. You do NOT even have to have a dog –  if you walk/exercise you can STILL participate! In addition you didn’t have to adopt your dog/s from our shelter. So you can still help our shelter raise money just by walking (with or without a pet regardless of where your furry friend came from!) Pls share with others who like to get out and walk/exercise.


The shelter opens at 11 a.m. Tuesday – Friday and 10 a.m. Saturday / Sunday However, if we have pets going up for adoption and expect to be busy which is the case most days no matter what day of the week it may be we TRY to open a little earlier as the line can be quite long and as a safety and courtesy to the neighborhood- school buses and people going to work – we do try to open as early as possible(depending on the day and number of animals but it really just depends on how long it takes our team to feed / clean and our vet clinic (if needed) do one last exam to make sure the pets are healthy and ready to meet their new families).
When we say adoption days can be extremely busy you can see for yourself. We posted this great video (SEE BELOW) which was actually filmed by a wonderful family who was in line for several hours waiting to adopt – they were the 28th car in line (out of over 90 cars)….we thank them for taking time to take this video, and are happy they DID get to adopt the same day!

Please know there is often a line at the gate and some families are in line as 3-4 a.m.  YES BETWEEN 3-4 A.M. – waiting to meet and hopefully adopt a specific pet.

  • IF there is a line at the gate – our staff will hand out laminated numbered cards – which you’ll return to the staff when entering
  • When we DO open we will call a certain number of families into the kennel (due to limited space)
  • For those who aren’t called in first, we ask that you wait outside and listen for your group/number to be called.
  • We do our best to move potential adopters in/out of the kennel.
  • Once you’ve found a pet the whole family agrees on, and we’ve done any potential meet/greets with your resident dog/s (should you have any)
  • We will take you over to our office to process your adoption and paperwork.
  • Please make sure you have everything you need before coming to the shelter.

Our staff asks that you please take this into account and plan accordingly. Though there are SOME days there may no line at the gate, ….we never know for sure...we can only help you with OUR recommendations based on years of experience on adoption days. It seems that recently things are NOT as crazy on adoption days and the line isn’t as long as the video above – but we wanted potential adopters to understand it is always a possibility:)

Please understand – chances are if you are just arriving at the shelter when we DO open, There is ALWAYS a chance you will miss out on adopting the ONE pet you might?ve come to see or been interested in adding to your family…we suggest you have an open mind and have multiple pets as alternatives.

Please don’t select a pet just by his/her photo (we know it’s hard not to fall in love-how could you not?) ultimately the MOST IMPORTANT advice to follow is: find the perfect fit by making sure you are adopting a pet that loves YOU and YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY especially any kids in the house and/or any resident dog/s in your home so if you have a dog/s BRING THEM too! We have multiple areas indoors and out to do introductions…that way you’ll have a better chance to make the perfect fit for your new family member)

Click here for complete info on adoption days and important info you should know!