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So you’ve probably heard about or even seen DOGGIE DNA testing kits.…at the shelter, right? Well now the company has an upgraded version 3.0 which provides even more details and information about your mixed breed dog, some of which are super important medical details your vet will need to know about.

Here’s an example of a recent DNA submission sent in by the shelter’s director who adopted a sato from Puerto Rico in October. The results arrived via email on Thursday 12/7/17. Edi was adopted in mid October and was about 6-7 months and only 7 pounds.

We expected Eddie’s DNA test to come back as a chihuahua for sure. But we also thought maybe some Dachshund due to the long body and short stubby legs? French bulldog or and maybe some sort of little terrier mixes with the ears? BOY WERE WE SHOCKED to see his results!

We were all super excited to see his results and our entire family was placing bets on what Eddie was mixed with…. the DNA results are extremely detailed and provide a LOT of interesting information…. While we were right about the chihuahua….we were so wrong on everything else! It just goes to show that our shelter tries the best we can to provide the most accurate information based on what the pet LOOKS like…. but these little souls are so mixed we never can truly say! This is why we always recommend picking the PERSONALITY of a pet….rather than the “breed” or the sex, color or look.

Click here to see the complete report and Eddie’s final results

  • 25% Chihuahua
  • 12.5% Chow Chow
  • 12.5% Miniature Pinscher
  • 12.5% Weimaraner
  • 37.5% mix

    Can you imagine such detailed information from just 2 Q-tips? – Not only do the results provide the breed/s of your dog/s are mixed with….but they actually go back to your dog/s parents – grandparents and great grandparents!

If you’re NOT familiar with the Doggie DNA kit…. there are many reasons to test your dog/s – not only to learn about the breed/s that make up your dog/s personality, traits, look and behaviors. But it will also help you when it comes to training, proper feeding as well as important medical info your vet should always know! Our shelter stocks and sells these test kits and you can stop in any time we’re open to purchase YOUR DNA kit.

Not only do they make a unique gift idea for the holidays, birthdays, celebrating your dog/s birthday or item for the hard to buy for person/s on YOUR gift lists this year…or just a great gift for your own dog/s but they also provide important information such as

Multidrug Sensitivity This would determine if your dog/s have any sign of the MDR1 genetic mutation.

You will want to make sure to share these results with your veterinarian so they can update your pooches vet records. They may be critical to the care of your dog.

YOUR Test will indicate your dog/s MDR1 Screening Results – which would help your vet/s determine how to treat him/her should they ever need medications!

  • Condition:Multi-Drug Sensitivity
  • Mode of Inheritance: Dominant
  • Test Results: Normal/Normal

Test Results Analysis (for Eddie)

MDR1 Normal/Normal – these dogs have 2 copies of the normal MDR1 gene and do not have the MDR1 mutation. They will not pass on the mutation to their offspring. These dogs are not at increased risk for experiencing side effects from drugs that are pumped by P-glycoprotein.


Below you’ll see Eddie’s Ancestry – his breed/mixes as well as his parents – grandparents and even his great grandparents!

Predicting Inherited Characteristics & Mixed Breed Puppies

One of the main questions people can ask when adopting a mixed-breed puppy is “What size will it grow up to be?” This may be due to space limitations at home, perhaps wanting to understand likely feeding costs as an adult, or because they would like to understand the best training and nutrition to apply from an early age. As you can see based on the DNA information – you can see just how hard it can be to determine this info!

Again, our staff bases a weight range on the puppies age/weight and the size of its paws. Remember….you could have a puppy with huge feet but it could be a short/stocky dog such as a basset hound.? OR you could have a puppy with smaller feet but the puppy could end up being tall and thin such as a greyhound. We definitely try to be as close to the size as possible clearly we’ve learned based on the DNA test even experts never TRULY knows!

DNA – It’s as Easy as 1-2-3 and there’s NO need for blood draws or a vet appointment/office visit fee (that’ll save you between $50-$70 alone)!

The Wisdom Panel DNA test is such a simple, easy to run test for any mixed breed dog/s!

For only $80 (or $90 if you’d like us to have it shipped out to you – ALL still cheaper than you’d pay to have similar tests run in a vet hospital which would charge upwards of $200+!) The test kit comes in a small box and has everything you need to submit your test! Included are 2 swabs and a pre paid envelope to mail to the lab.