Koi Fish Rescue & Adoption Services

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Koi Fish Rescue & Adoption Services Established May 2019  With the completion of our BEAUTIFUL NEW pond we are now offering a new rescue and adoption program and this one ISN’T for the furry family members!  This program is for our finned friends Koi Rescue & Adoption Services. We understand that there are many reasons someone might not be able to care for their Koi fish. As with many animals we rescue and adopt out, there comes a time when the most humane thing to do is let them find a better home, a home that can better care for them, and a place of safety and health. Your finned friends will enjoy time in our 80×50 foot pond. Over 50,000 gallons with multiple hiding areas, different depths, various water features with lights, fountains and bubblers.

Our 65,000 gallon pond with fountains, lights, and filtration systems.
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