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Our shelter is NOW selling Doggie DNA TEST KITS!!

By July 10, 2012February 4th, 2020EVENTS, News, Pet Behavior

DNA KitHow many times has someone approached you and said “OH MY GOSH!!! YOUR DOG IS SO CUTE! What type of dog is that?” NOW you can tell them WHAT your mixed breed dog is mixed with! In 5 minutes and 2-3 weeks YOU’LL find out WHAT BREED IS MY DOG??

BUY ONE today for only $80 (if you’d like us to ship it directly to your home/work the total would be $90 and includes shipping – if you can’t pick one up at the shelter just email STAFF@STERLINGSHELTER.ORG and make arrangements for payment and mailing info! We accept Visa or MasterCard over the phone. Stop down at the shelter and we can accept cash – debit or credit cards (pls note there is a 3% charge to use cards for payment).

(Retail price or in veterinary hospital purchases can range from $100- $200+ plus shipping – it’s much cheaper to buy through our shelter and 100% of the money goes towards our pets and programs!)

Doggie DNA test kits also make a GREAT present for any dog lover/owner who would love to know what their MIXED breed is! With any of the holidays or special dates around the corner…get yours today!

Why Test Your Dog?

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Where does Buddy get his curly tail from? Why does he love digging holes in the backyard? Could I be doing more to make him happier and healthier? Your dog may not be able to tell you the answers but their DNA can. Wisdom Panel Insights, the most comprehensive mixed-breed cheek swab DNA test on the market, can help explain a mixed-breed dogs ancestry.

Over 25 million mixed-breed dog owners know their dogs but not as well as they could. With the simple swipe of a cheek swab, Wisdom Panel Insights can determine the ancestry of a mixed-breed dog by testing for more than 250 breeds, the largest database on the market.

Within two-three weeks, dog owners will be e-mailed an official Ancestry Report that reveals the dogs genetic background.A dogs ancestry can influence him in surprising ways. Obvious and not-so-obvious physical traits plus behaviors like digging, herding and barking all come from the various breeds in a dogs family tree. Once an owner understands a dogs natural tendencies, it makes it possible to create a tailored training, exercise and nutrition program to fit his one-of-a-kind needs.

Order your Wisdom Panel Insights dog DNA kit today and discover your dogs history!dna info

What will my dogs report tell me?

Wisdom Panel Insights detects the breeds in your dogs ancestry. Your report can be interpreted in the following way:

  • Parent A breed that represents approximately 50% of your dogs DNA. You are likely to see the most physical and behavioral traits from this breed. Dogs with mixed-breed parents will not have a breed represented at this level.
  • Grandparent A breed that represents approximately 25% of your dogs DNA. You may see some physical and behavioral traits from this breed. Dogs with a very mixed ancestry may not have a breed represented at this level.
  • Great-Grandparent A breed that represents approximately 12.5% of your dogs DNA. You are unlikely to see many traits from this breed unless they are dominant.dna info 2

When you understand your dogs natural tendencies, you can tailor a training, exercise and nutrition program to his needs.