Did YOU Know Our Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic ALSO Fixes Rabbits-Mice and Rats? Oh My!

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Effective 9/1/19 our on-site spay/neuter clinic is NOW offering low cost spay/neuter for : Rabbits – male $225 and female $275 from 4 months – 4 years of age  Why Should I Spay or Neuter My RABBIT? Rats – females $100 and males $75 from 4 months to 1 year of age – Why should I neuter my RAT? Mice – males $75  only 4 months to 1 year of age – we do NOT spay female mice Why Should I Neuter my MICE? In general there are plenty of reasons to spay/neuter your small pets – whether its a mouse/rat or rabbit. … Rabbits…

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Don’t Judge a Dog (or cat) by its Breed: Why Personality Matters More than Looks

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For those of us lucky enough to have a dog close by for most of our lives, the idea that you can’t judge a dog by its breed probably goes without saying. For people new to the dog world though, there is a huge misconception that certain breeds of dogs are bound to behave in a specific, pre-determined way. Placing a stereotype on something we don’t fully understand seems to be a part of human nature that we cannot get rid of. The ease of placing a generalization on a subset, dog breeds in this instance, seems too hard to…

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OUR SHELTERS AMAZON WISHLIST an easy inexpensive way to help!

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We have updated our much needed wish list on Amazon – these are all items that we are always in need of and are pretty inexpensive These items will definitely help our furry friends and our staff to keep them clean and healthy… the best part is you can help right from your laptop – computer or cell phone. You simply order it and Amazon will do all the rest including delivering the items right to our shelter! Please consider donating an item or two from our wish list at

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The Pond is Complete – We Just Need to Fill in Our Path for Paws – Still Taking Brick Orders!

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It’s NOT TO LATE – get your custom engraved Legacy Brick for the New Year!  2019 PATH FOR PAWS INFO to be added to the   The initial set of custom engraved bricks have been placed during the Summer and Fall of 2017 – and they look amazing…  ORDER YOUR CUSTOM ENGRAVED BRICK TODAY! A perfect way to show your loved one (with 2 legs or 4)  just how much you love them! A permanent engraved legacy brick…. how romantic…..

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